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The goal of College Sport Link, LLC (CSL) is to facilitate successful college search processes for student-athletes and their parents by creating thoughtful connections between student-athletes, collegiate coaches and programs.  CSL hopes to provide support via knowledge and experience that will allow student-athletes and their parents to find a college or university in which the student-athlete will succeed both academically and athletically.  CSL wants to get to know student-athletes as athletes and individuals so that the connections made between student-athletes and athletic programs are the perfect fit.   

Student-athletes, parents, and coaches all play a pivotal role in a student-athlete finding success in collegiate athletics.  The main focus of the athlete is often pursuing athletic goals, while parents may emphasize the importance of academics.  As coaches you know the importance of achieving a balance between the two.  We at CSL value the importance of academics and athletics and will dedicate time and energy to ensure the connections made between coaches and student-athletes lead to academic and athletic excellence in your program.