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A lifelong love of athletic competition has resulted in my having filled a multitude of roles: athlete, coach, parent and teacher.  As a student-athlete in college myself, I have personally benefited from the discipline required to compete successfully on and off the playing field.  As a parent who has guided children through grade school, high school, and collegiate athletics, I have a strong desire to provide student-athletes with positive opportunities and life lessons they will call on throughout the rest of their lives, both of which I feel are byproducts of athletic participation.

The opportunities I have had to guide and coach student-athletes have been some of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my life.  In founding College Sport Link, LLC, my hope is to leverage my experience on behalf of student-athletes and parents so that their experiences within athletics can be as rewarding as my own.  I hope to make the college search process a positive one for you and your family, and am confident in my abilities to do so.

College Sport Link, LLC strives to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and values of individual athletes as a means to foster his/her engagement with the right academic institution and to energize the student-athlete in his/her pursuit of academic and athletic goals.